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Bringing an innovative touch to the parking industry with LiDAR technology, parking management has never been easier

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Whether it's the number of available parking spaces, the average duration, or any other relevant information, our system has got you covered!

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About Us

We're the new kids on the block.

In the ever-changing world of technology, From homes to vehicles, all aspects of our day-to-day use have been touched with “Machine learning” or “AI.” With greater cameras and better hardware, our lives have been made more efficient by the minute. However, one industry that we use every day seems to have been neglected: parking.

While vehicles can drive and park themselves, the parking industry seems stuck with cameras, ground sensors, and a lack of innovation… that’s where we come in.

Using the same technology (LiDAR) as self-driving vehicles, we can use an overhead approach to help track, analyze, and record parking sessions at the per-stall level. The beauty of this is the accuracy and reliability of LiDAR’s to work through any environment (whether dimly lit or heavy rain) and its affordability compared to ground sensors. With just 1 ParkLite unit, we can detect up to 260m worth of cars!

LiDAR-Powered Adaptability with Privacy Assurance

Say goodbye to compromised functionality due to poor visibility or challenging weather.

Unlike traditional camera-based solutions, our LiDAR-driven approach ensures unparalleled adaptability to fluctuating light and weather conditions, delivering consistent and reliable performance in any environment.

Moreover, rest assured, our system prioritizes privacy, as LiDAR operates without capturing identifiable details, eliminating concerns commonly associated with camera-based systems.

Fly above the competition

The possibilities are endless with an overhead sensor, find out more on how you can save money while implementing stall based monitoring solutions

Simplify your management

But never settle for features.


Data is important, and we want to get it all to you within a click. Whether is weekly performance, $ earned, average time park, or even your most popular stall, we've got you covered.

Customized experience

Not sure what you need, or perhaps want more? Come inquire about our custom tailored SaaS to suit all your needs.

Global integration

Have more than one parking lot? No need to worry, no matter the distance, simultaneous track and manage your lots in the comfort of your own office.

Integrated Payment Systems

Our solution is ready to integrate with existing payment solutions as well as offer automatic payment for signed-up users.

Frequently Asked Questions

We aren't crazy, ask away!

As seen in the demo video above, no recognizable information about clients is recorded in a well-defined way. Therefore your guests privacy is guaranteed. Furthermore all the data stored by our ParkLite units are encrypted to ensure maximum security

Our units are rated to scan up to 260m*, that’s roughly 100 Smart cars! …. or 60 regular vehicles.



* depending on reflectivity

Praise the sun! We believe in building technology with environmental sustainability in mind is the only way for tech companies to succeed; our solutions will be able to rely on solar power, and a rechargeable Li-ion battery for those gloomy days.

Egg. Definitely egg.

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